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5260 n. Carylwood dr.
Columbia City, IN


5Twenty5 Marketing & Advertising

Our Integrated Marketing Solutions will move your messages the way they need to be received. We create long term, goal driven strategies...and strive for getting results.  It's all about helping you and your success!

 We uncover, analyze, and find exactly where you fit in the marketplace.  It's time you stand out!  It's time for 5Twenty5 Marketing & Advertising!

What does your brand say about you? Where do you fit in the market?  

Create messages that generate sales, leads, and followers of your brand. 

We are a trusted partner and advocate, invested in your success.   

Strategy, ideas, and creativity are where we shine!  Plus, we do a lot more!


We are different than the rest!  5Twenty5 isn’t your typical advertising agency.  Why do we dare say that? 

 Utilizing  personal, first hand knowledge gained by working with thousands of business owners, over more than 20 years, 5Twenty5 Marketing & Advertising was born from a simple observed need.  A genuine desire to help business owners by providing them with trusted, proven council for creating solid brand strategy, selecting the right media and integrating digital to achieve the desired results. 

After we diagnose and collaborate with our clients, we create a unique, solid brand strategy.  We create a clear vision of what you stand for and generate messages that articulate that to the masses.  Multi-platform, multi-media campaigns are fueled with creative ideas, tactics that lend to your brand strategy.   We help you generate interaction, grow databases, and help generate leads.  5Twenty5 will work with your people, educate, on how to maximize lead conversion. 

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE…5Twenty5 can help with your overall organizational health, identifying areas that potentially hinder a business from reaching its full potential with profitability.